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C!v!l D!sobed!ence 

     In every time there comes a people jointly represented in the history of their society who are labeled rebellious,dissidents or anti-society. In today's big brother age dissidents are quickly silenced.

     Dissidents have learned by the history of the FBI through the efforts of Edgar Hoover that visibility of their organizations often leads to their infiltration and demise.

     The rebels of today are taking up new arms. Gone are the conventional ideas of weapons. Gone are the traditional pictures of the radicals. Replaced are the words used by yesterday's rebels.  Presented are the reformulated, repackaged, bundled concepts of an era called yesterday. 

     The messengers have new faces, their words are different but their voices are being heard. Armed with computers and internet connectivity today's new wave of dissidents are being heard. Their voices though once again are falling short of the mainstream, appearing only occasionally and for the wrong reasons. 

     Legislators from California to London have taken the opportunity and addressed the actions of these dissidents, labeling them everything from hackers to terrorists and calling for legislation to criminalize almost everything intended or attempted by all such person. Fascinating statistics have been presented by the media at large, further magnifying the minor problems attributed to these information terrorists. Sensational reports of 250,00 attempted break-ins to the Pentagon's computer system top the list of corporate sponsored sensational sales promotions. 

     Corporate entities figure to profit nicely from all the paranoid delusions disseminated within recent months. Further product requests from customers for better security means more sales, more service and a continued state of dependence and support of the corporate power structure. A self-sustaining life support system, a problem creation problem solution scenario, this is the sad state of products and support pawned off by corporate America. 

     We will take a look at the acts of civil disobedience taking place on the net, we will try to understand why these acts occur and how such can and could have been prevented. We will try to peer into the minds of parties on both sides of the issues. We will pull no punches and offer a no nonsense analysis of the situation.