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 Forfeiture Bar

Forfeiture is :

     The age old art of "legally" taking ones property away from such party by a government entity for offense(s) committed with and/or involving property on a theoretical basis.

     Origin of this form of theft goes all the way back to the Bible and the infamous "when an oxe gore a man."

     The Europeans, especially the Brits did wonders for forfeiture legislation with the concept of the deodands. Explaining simply that should a wheel jump from your carriage and kill a man, the wheel shall be kept, and sold to raise monies for the proper burial of the unfortunate character. A sensible practice in a slight manner, but one which only applied to the underprivileged on a weighted scale then as it does today.

     Today, along with the modern American prison complex forfeiture has become big business. Nowhere else is fraud accepted on such a large level. All across America families are losing their homes, cars and life savings at the hands of overzealous prosecutors and police who seek to get an easy cut of the unfortunate victim's wealth.

     Forfeiture is often today bundled with other less important charges which result in not only the taking of the individuals property but the realistic detention of his person for a period of time often equal to the rest of his natural life.

    With the recent contradictions handed out by our paid for Supreme Court, victims can expect no immediate relief.

     Here we will take the punches at the law as it stands, the recent court decisions, questions already posed to the Courts and address what needs to be done.

     In the meantime, while we set things up we recommend that you stop by F.E.A.R.'s (Forfeiture Endangers American Rights) site and see what they are working on.