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     Q: How many lawyers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
     A: Probably more than what it took to screw you...


     Ah, the humor of the shark industry of today. Lawyers are distrusted the most of any profession, only second to car salesmen.

     So what have you done today to invite a lawyer into your miserable life? Perhaps it is what you did last week actually and now you wish you would have never had the misfortune of doing.

     Here in the United States we have over 750,000 lawyers. This number represents roughly 75% of all of the lawyers in the entire world.

     But hey with all these lawyers we have to legislate and regulate according to laws devised to be problematic by their peers. For the art of arguing, ah yes the end upon end of rows of finely stacked erect legal precedances, clues, transition and yes perhaps even enlightenment.

     There is only one thing worse than the lawyer - the laws.

      AND HERE, we will review the humorous, bizarre and downright scary among the millions of laws in use throughout the United States today.

     Once said so eloquently, "Millions of laws, just to replace 10 commandments."

    P.S. You might even find some real legal jokes here. (no pun)