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More Ways to Help

     We need your help to spread the word about AT&T's shams. You can do so much to help.

     Write to the Attorney General -- demand an investigation into AT&T's perjury and the cover-up. Her address is:

Honorable Janet Reno
US Attorney General
10th Street & Constitution NW
Washington, DC 20530

Include the case number, US V. Maydak, CR 93-133 (WDPA) and demand that she instruct the ``Office of Professional Responsibility'' to investigate why Assistant US Attorney Paul Hull isn't concerned about AT&T's perjury when he had full knowledge that AT&T was paid for the 43,500 calls.

     Write to the pardon attorney. Demand an investigation into Maydak's perjured conviction and demand a full pardon. If more than 6 letters are received, he will start an investigation.

His address is:

US Pardon Attorney
500 First Street NW
7th Floor
Washington, DC 20534

Include the case number, US V. Maydak, CR 93-133 (WDPA).

     Write to the Judge who gave Maydak 8 years and explain that you don't appreciate paying $35,000 per year to ``warehouse'' Keith Maydak for longer than most murderers get.

Honorable Judge Alan Block
US Post Office and Courthouse
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

     Call or write to AT&T's attorneys in Pittsburgh. Ask them why AT&T didn't explain that they weren't allowed to bill for the calls from the Flying J's at Keith's trial. Ask them why AT&T didn't tell the government that they were paid for those calls.

Michael Bucci, Jr., Esquire
Thorp Reed and Armstrong
One Riverfront Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Switch to another long distance carrier and tell AT&T why. Tell:

Marilyn Laurie
AT&T Corporation
32 Boulevard of the Americas
New York, NY

     Complain to the FCC. Demand they investigate AT&T's production of illegal bills in violation of 47 USC 203 and their use at Keith Maydak's trial. Demand they investigate whether AT&T's tariffs allowed those calls (it didn't). AT&T will have to respond within 30 days and you will get a copy of the response.

     AT&T is familiar with the case and sends the FCC pictures of Keith Maydak wearing a ``Beavis and Butthead'' t-shirt with each complaint. (A valuable collectors item?)

Write to:

Informal Complaints
Common Carrier Bureau -- Enforcement Division
1919 M Street NW
Washington, DC 20554

And, of course, tell your friends.

Contents Copyright 1996-97 -- The Friends of Keith Maydak