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Keith Maydak

The Trial

Before trial, Keith learned that the government had two key witnesses who
claimed that he was attempting to defraud AT&T. One person was Nick Campbell,
a 16-year old thug. Interestingly, Campbell was previously arrested for breaking into
a vehicle owned by CSA and stealing Maydak's wallet. I'm sure this incident had nothing
to do with his subsequent testimony against Maydak. Unfortunately, because Campbell
was a juvenile, Maydak's attorney was prohibited from telling the jury about Campbell's past.

Nick's allegation was that Maydak used his cellular phone to call his own 900 number.
Obviously, this would not be a scheme to defraud AT&T. If it were possible to make
900# calls from a cellular phone (it is not and never has been), you might possibly defraud
the operator of the cellular service (if they paid AT&T expecting their subscribers to pay them).

The second witness was a motel clerk who claimed that Maydak asked him to steal credit
cards so that he could bill calls to his 900#'s to them. Of course, you cannot bill 900# calls
to a credit card. Further, we will never know how much those who approached this clerk
told him about Maydak before he `remembered' Maydak's proposal. But, of course, what
reason would he have to lie? Read on.

Before trial, this clerk drove himself into a pole and died. The Oregon State Police ruled the
`accident' a suicide. A further investigation by OSP revealed that the potential witness was
arrested several times on child molestation charges (the ideal person to entrust with the keys
to hotel rooms, right?), had drug convictions, and had a civil judgment against him in excess
of $1,000,000 as well as several pending charges.

This is obviously the kind of person who had several reasons to lie. Any of these problems
would have been wedges that Federal agents could have used to pressure him to `remember'
something that they could use. This is a person who would not want law enforcement people
mad at him.

Please read the detailed facts below and see what a farce Maydak's `trial' really was.

Copyright 1996-1997 -- The Friends of Keith Maydak