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Updated -- May 24, 1995

     Keith Maydak received a response from AT&T regarding his civil suit with them. The document contains admissions and denials involving double-billing of AT&T 900#'s (which they now call double-recording for some reason). Probably the most amusing things in it are AT&T's denial that the existence of refund checks proves that any double-recording ever took place and their denial that the refund check Keith received is necessarily authentic. See for yourself.

     They claim it looks like one of their checks and the check number is a check they paid, but they claim they can't verify who the check was to or what it was for. They do, at least, admit that it looks authentic and looks like the checks they sent to reimburse people whose numbers may have been double-recorded. They also admit to not informing anyone of the possible role of double-recording in Keith's case.

     The Foundation is in possession of numerous newspaper articles and admissions from AT&T that prove that an immense number of 900# calls over a long period of time were double-billed by AT&T. At this time, AT&T has still not refunded a single penny of the erroneously collected taxes on those calls.

     Keith was recently moved to FCI Cumberland. Apparently, this jail is very unfriendly to inmates who need to litigate from jail. In fact, we have begun to wonder whether this move was Keith's punishment for orchestrating litigation from jail to prove his innocence.

     He has been denied phone privileges for thirty days because his mother made a three-way call for him. In addition, he has been put `in the hole' for quite some time for reasons we have had difficulty establishing.

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