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In Exile

Keith MaydakKeith Maydak    
Keith is currently incarcerated for a crime that is completely unbelievable and impossible for him to have committed. You will ask the question if whether the United States Federal Government has become a paid bounty hunter for corporate America, and if so at what cost.
Critical analysis will be done on a frequent basis concerning AT&T and it's misdeeds against both the consumer and the accused.

In December of 1995, in a hushed attack on the Internet and the freedom of speech AT&T filed a motion for a protective order in the Western District of Pennsylvania. AT&T alleged that the maintaining of this site constituted unfair pretrial publicity by an attorney.

The District Court finding the argument without basis subsequently denied AT&T's request.

Hear AT&T's true voice here.

  Michael Williams     
During the 1988 Presidential race for the United States President position, Michael aligned himself with Democratic front runner Senator Gary Hart. During Michael's time as campaign manager, documents were unearthed implicating then Republican President George Bush in a lengthy string of criminal misdeeds which included a planned assassination of Gary Hart and the now famous drug connection throughout the state of Arkansas; home to now President Williams J. Clinton.

As a result of Williams discovery, the government instituted a fraudulent criminal proceeding and subsequently a forfeiture proceeding to obtain all his personal effects. Following his release from custody the United States government proceeded to make threats on his life. Williams now lives in Swiss exile unable to visit his family.

Here we will discuss Williams' current litigation, legal happenings elsewhere and the state of politics today.

 Frank Chester     
On December 14, 1987, in a small American town named Tulleytown, about 30 miles outside of Philadelphia, PA, Frank Chester sat sipping a drink at the Edgely Inn.

Chester had been accompanied to the inn by Richard Laird, an older man who had an extensive fascination with violence and well established connections to biker groups.

Little did Frank know the capabilities of a man like Laird. Within hours of luring a patron whom Laird knew was homosexual into a wooded area, the patron Anthony Milano had been hacked to death by Laird's utility knife.

Chester cooperated fully with law enforcement efforts, placing himself in grave danger for retribution from Laird and his associates. Subsequently, the D.A. Alan Rubenstein saw the opportunity for election year publicity and crossed Frank.

This case represents the first time in American history that the death-penalty was issued in a gay "hate crime."

Today Frank sits on Death Row in Pennsylvania, accused of murder, but guilty of only stupidity, the stupidity of associating with a character like Laird.

 Robert Malecki    
During the Vietnam ERROR, Bob spoke out against American interaction in Vietnam. Bob's mouth got him a free stay in the federal penal system where other noted political activists were and still are hidden.

Able to post an appeal bond, Bob fled his homeland to avoid further retribution. For over 20 years Bob has resided in his Swedish exile, unable to meet his grandchildren, and see his own children grow up.

In this section we will feature Bob's book transcript which he has put a considerable amount of into. We will also feature items on the Vietnam conflict and general information on the state of American affairs today from a global perspective.